WHERE statement in CCv5
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To use '=' 'value'); ?> To use != (or similar expressions) 'value' ); ?> To use AND Just add more than one entry to the array and they will all be required 'value', 'model_id.column_2' => 'value_2' ); ?> To use OR Add an array of values array('some value', 'another value', . . . ) ); ?> To use LIKE '%value%' ); ?> Or, with a PHP variable '%'.$variable.'%' ); ?> --------------------------------- Ottenere valori in CC / CFv5 ChronoForms v5 memorizza tutti i valori che haI nel $form-> data array e puoi accedere ai valori usando $form-> data ['variable_name']. Allo stesso modo ChronoConnectivity v5 memorizza tutti i valori che ha dall'URL della pagina nel $this->data array e puoi accedere ai valori usando $ this-> data ['variable_name']. Quindi, per esempio, se vuoi usare la variabile gcb restituita da CC a CFv5 potresti avere una clausola WHERE come questa $form->data['gcb']); ?> Or, if you are using a Model Id that saves data in a sub-array the WHERE code might look like this: $form->data['model_id']['var_name']; ?> You can adapt any of the other examples here similarly. Getting the current user's records If you have a column in the database table with the user's id in it then you can get just their records $user->id); ?> This can be combined with other conditions as shown above. A complex query You can add more complex WHERE string by prefixing it with a colon : or {$var}"); ?> But note that you must quote any string values before using them: dbo; $var = $dbo->quote($var); return array (":test.id > {$var}"); ?> A conditional query . . . You can use any PHP in the Conditions box to check form values and set different conditions as you need them data['input_name']) ) { return array('model_id.column' => 'value'); } else { return array (":test.id > { $form->data['input_name']}");} ?>

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